Cyclo G6 – MP TLT Study – new glacoma study

The attached paper was just published in Clinical Ophthalmology. Here’s the link:

The paper was published as an open-access document, so there is no charge to download the pdf. This paper represents the first study published on a patient population from Saudi Arabia.

The study was a prospective, nonrandomized, non-comparative interventional case series of 71 eyes of 68 patients with various glaucoma types treated with MicroPulse TLT with up to 24 months follow-up. It represents fixed treatment parameters that delivered higher energy levels than typically used while still demonstrating good safety and efficacy. The study also represents the largest cohort of patients (24 eyes; 33.8%) who presented with neovascular glaucoma (NVG) within in a single MicroPulse TLT study. Nearly 92% (22 eyes) of the NVG patients in Dr. Al Habash’s study achieved surgical success at last follow-up.

We point this out because NVG is a recalcitrant type of glaucoma typically with a poor long-term visual prognosis. Surgical management of refractory NVG is complicated by higher failure rates and more difficult tissue anatomy than in primary glaucoma, and has historically been a major clinical challenge.